We do it… because money is a key foundation of a stable, fulfilling life. Our goal is to support you in the money discussion without triggering feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. 

Roberta founded Alexis Advisors seeking to create a client experience different from what is often available.  She has integrated her life-long learnings in institutional money management, yoga and meditation to create a firm focused on an intentional, informed and inspired approach to money.



We understand that money conversations are personal and need to be built on a foundation trust. We work with those who are smart enough to do it themselves, but are busy making a difference in the world, and know when they need to hire someone to help with all the ins, outs, and details – and who can be trusted to protect their interest. 


Open and accountable to you – and you only.  Our fee-only, no-commission structure means that we invest based on your values and priorities, not ours or anybody else's.


You don’t have to “know it all.”   We just want you to know enough to be informed about the basic building blocks for moving from an income-earner to a wealth-builder – and our goal is to help you get there.


Communication is our cornerstone – through the good, and the bad you’ll always know where you stand and where you’re headed.


Your money – just like your life – is unique to you. Our goal is to design a financial plan and apply an investment approach that fits your goals and your values. 

Asset 2

Alexis Advisors became a Certified B-Corp in 2016 as an extension of what we were already doing – helping our clients be intentional, informed, and inspired, while positively impacting our community. Our goal is to be intentional about the way we run our business, the way we manage client assets, and how we support clients in leading an informed, purpose-driven life.

The B-Corp designation is obtained through a rigorous process and recognizes companies that have an ongoing commitment to producing benefits to customers, employees, communities, and the environment. Learn more about B-Corps and how they are seeking to be the change the world needs.

Alexis Advisors is eager to support women in the money conversation. Too often, women have been made to feel limited in their financial abilities – even though experience has shown us that our most curious, engaged and values-driven clients are often women.  We want to break down the limiting norms dictating who should be involved in the financial world, and support more women in engaging in the money conversation.

We aim to provide an educational, safe environment for anyone curious about the financial world and their money – from paying off debt, saving for your kid’s school, or building a nest egg. After all, knowledge is power – especially when it comes to your finances.

Want to get started? Join us at an upcoming event or sign up for a free one on one consultation.


We use company time to volunteer in support of our local community. We participate on boards and in an advisory capacity.

education & Pro-Bono Planning

We want to make planning accessible, so every year we carve out approximately 100 hours pro-bono planning and free educational programming.


We donate 1-2% of our gross revenues each year to local non-profits. We choose the benefactors of these donations based on alignment with the values we strive to embody. Over the years, we have given to The Innerwork Center, (being intentional), the YWCA (supporting women), and Junior Achievement (supporting youth financial literacy.)

Choosing Local

Whenever possible, we choose local businesses first. From business lunches, to caterers, to hosting our monthly Money Mornings at Ellwood Thompson’s, we care about where our money goes. We also support local artists by adorning our walls with local art, as well as featuring a local artist at our annual holiday party through a charitable fundraising raffle.

Alexis Advisors was established as a fiduciary to reinforce our focus on transparency and trust. This means that we have a legal and ethical responsibility to put our clients’ financial interests before our own.