Do you feel like you don’t have the time – or interest – to manage your investments? 

Do you want your investments to be better aligned with what you value?

Do you resist reviewing your investments because it feels too onerous?

Our proprietary investment approach blends our focus on being intentional in our investment selection with our fiduciary responsibility of seeking to support you build wealth.

Aligned Interests

We are not paid commissions based on where we invest your money. As a fee-only advisor, we are paid a percentage of assets managed. This aligns client interests with our own — we both want to see your money grow! 

Investment Manager Access

We aim to be easy to get in touch with, no matter the question. Since most of our portfolios are proprietary, developed and are managed by us, we can easily provide clear, concise answers about what’s going on in your investment accounts.

Loss Minimization

The majority of our proprietary portfolios utilize risk management tactics (a ‘seat belt,’ if you will) in an effort to minimize catastrophic losses. Managing risk/losses can be an important consideration in meeting your goals.

Intentional Investing

Our investment approach includes filtering each investment on its environmental, social and governance (ESG) rating — and we strictly avoid investing in targeted fossil fuel funds and stocks.  Our goal is to invest at least 75% of client assets in investments with a moderate-to-high sustainable rating based on Morningstar's globe ranking system.