What's Your (Money) Relationship Status?

It’s time to have a talk. The “what are we doing here?” talk. But this time, instead of sitting down with your significant other to talk about your relationship with each other, it’s time to have “the talk” about your relationship to money. We understand that everyone has a different past, personality, and approach to handling their finances. The more you come to understand the motives and values  that guide your money habits and tendencies, the more intentional and mindful your overall approach will be. And that’s what we want for you, to be intentional with your finances, and to be inspired to live your values.

The Cost of Chasing Money

I’ve worked in the financial services sector for most of my career. For big and small companies, from Wall Street to London to Richmond. The same theme emerges over and over again: Money is not about money – it’s about desire.

We all have painful patterns around money, desires we think money can help us achieve, and money fears and insecurities. But over-spending, over-working, accumulating debt, avoiding reviewing our investment statements – these are just symptoms of a deeper need or desire. 

Raising Mindful Money Geniuses: 5 Messages To Teach Your Kids

If you’re like many parents, the thought of having a money talk probably sends you into a cold sweat even more than the birds and the bees. But there’s no time to lose – studies have found that kids start absorbing money messages very early on. And while money can’t buy happiness, it’s closely intertwined to a sense of abundance in life.