Living our values every day.

Roberta Keller
Founder & CEO

I got interested in the financial markets in a round-about way. My dad was an engineer, but his hobby was the financial markets. This is how I ended up spending nearly ten years in institutional money management – working for a hedge fund in Connecticut, and on Wall Street and in London for a large investment bank.

I loved the intellectual challenge of the markets, but the culture of the industry left me physically ill. So ill, in fact, that I had to leave my work for nearly two years while I got back on my feet. During those two years, I became a yoga teacher and got in touch with myself, what I valued, and, importantly, what I didn't value. In short, I wanted a more purpose-driven life - one that didn't just use money as the benchmark of success. I continued my yoga teaching, and also went to work for a small IT consulting firm, and then a management consulting firm that had a local service model - all of which I enjoyed tremendously.  

However, when the Financial Crisis sent the stock market into decline, I saw many friends and family members losing a significant portion of their life savings. My experience in institutional money management had taught me that managing risk (minimizing losses) was a critical consideration during such events. Yet, it was clear that many of my family and friends' advisors did not share the same philosophy.   

So, I decided to return to the industry, but this time working with the "regular working professional." My goal was to leverage my experience in institutional money management and offer education and an investment approach that had a focus on managing risk at its core. 

In May 2013, I founded Alexis Advisors. I really wanted the autonomy to build a firm that integrated my personal social values with my money management experience. Having my own firm has allowed me to do just that - to create my vision of what I think a financial services firm should be: one that has a social impact, purpose-driven component; one that offers proprietary portfolios that seek to mitigate the impact of significant stock market losses; and one that is transparent about fees paid for services rendered. 

Since starting Alexis Advisors, I have seen that many people are seeking a more purpose-driven life – and a more intentional, mindful approach to planning and investing. This is what I strive to offer. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our dog and three cats, hiking, practicing yoga, reading, and traveling.

Here's a link to my regulatory record.


Jenn Spicer
Administrative Assistant

I come to Alexis Advisors with a background in marketing, hospitality, and event planning, but I've had an interest in finance for nearly a decade. It wasn't always so. My college career at JMU was a deep dive into literature and my focus was writing. But soon thereafter I found myself thrust into managing a growing family and our finances, where I had much to learn.

I am drawn to the dedication to transparency and client education at Alexis Advisors and l hope to use my skillset to positively impact others in their financial lives. I'm driven by a deep desire to help people live a life they are proud of and reach their potential.

When I'm not in the office, you can find me shuttling my kids to their activities, reading, writing, and planning my next house project.