Empowering you to take control of your money.

We all want to live purpose-driven lives.  Unfortunately, money can get in the way.

Whether you are male or female, single, married or have a life partner, our goal is to help you define what "purpose-driven" means to you, and then develop a financial plan and investment approach that is clear, concise and straightforward – and one that aligns with your personal values.  We seek to encourage and educate, not to overwhelm – and importantly, to support you in living your most fulfilling life possible.

And we are always upfront and transparent about the fees charged for services rendered.

Women & Money

You may have attended financial literacy programs, read countless websites and even consulted financial advisors.  But despite the variety of resources, you may still feel in the dark and overwhelmed about your money, and specifically how to allocate these dollars to help you reach your goals.

Our goal is to create an environment where all questions are welcome, with a focus on education not alienation – to address questions in a clear, straightforward way so you will leave our office feeling empowered.  We believe that this increased clarity about your life and financial priorities can lead to greater confidence and fulfillment in your life – not to mention, a better relationship with your money!


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