Aligning your money with what you value most. 

Every dollar you spend and invest has an impact on you, your family, the environment, our community, and to some extent, the world – and the impact can be positive, negative, or somewhere in between.

At the start of our relationship, Alexis Advisors helps you clarify your priorities, and align your money behind what you value most.  Do you want to pay for your children’s education? How and when would you like to retire? Are you supporting aging parents? Where do vacations and family time fit in? What are your hopes for wealth transfer – to your children and to the community?

From there, we create a cohesive financial plan to help you achieve your objectives – without becoming overwhelmed or intimidated. And our relationship does not end once the plan is complete. All along the way, we are here to answer your questions and conduct periodic reviews to ensure you are on track to meet your goals. 

What’s our benefit to you?  

  • Clarify Values Working through the process helps you clarify your values and prioritize your goals.
  • Achieve Your Goals Research has shown, that a clear financial roadmap makes more likely that you will reach your destination.  
  • Increased Confidence As your stress about money decreases, you become increasingly confident about your finances and your future.

We engage specialists…

We believe it’s typically best to hire firms with deep, rather than broad, experience. To advise and assist you in areas outside our field, we’ve teamed up with a referral network of specialists, including estate lawyers, insurance specialists, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, etc. We receive no commissions on these referrals.


What's the cost?

Alexis Advisors charges an hourly rate, primarily based on what you can afford. We always provide an estimate (with an upper limit) before we begin work.

We don’t receive commissions (e.g. via selling life insurance products) or referral fees from specialists. And if we manage your investments, we may reduce or even waive the financial planning fee.


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