Tailoring your 401(k) plan based on your company’s values.

To attract and retain the best employees, a quality 401(k) plan is important, if not essential. However, establishing and maintaining a company retirement plan comes with significant responsibility, both legal and ethical. 

As a fiduciary, our role is to work with your company to develop a plan that is tailored to both your values and your employees’ needs and goals. We then help you manage this important employee benefit in a wise and responsible manner.

What do we offer you?

  • Plan design optimization (with Third Party Administrator)
  • Investment committee development
  • Investment policy statements
  • Proprietary risk-based models*
  • Socially responsible investments (SRI)*
  • Service provider review

What do we offer your employees?

* No fiduciary can include an SRI option in an ERISA plan if it isn't expected to provide an investment return commensurate to conventional investments with similar risk profiles. This is to say, SRI characteristics cannot be the primary determinant in evaluating investments. This is an assessment of the Department of Labor.  Additionally, while some SRI investments do pass muster, many asset classes either don't have any socially responsible choices, or, if they do, simply have no competitive socially responsible choice.

** Alexis Advisors has developed its own proprietary portfolios that focus on managing risk during significant bear (down) markets in an effort to reduce the probability of catastrophic losses. 



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